Kinder Harbors Animal Sanctuary

These are the Most Extraordinary Times for Animal Compassion!

Our world is experiencing some of the most incredible efforts towards protecting all of the animals on the planet.  These efforts take many forms such as eco-tourism, documentaries on various animal species, animal sanctuaries, companionship-seeking and going vegetarian or vegan.

Sustaining the Creatures is on

It took a lot of physical and emotional effort to produce Sustaining the Creatures.  Not only did we have a lot of driving to locations around Texas but there was the planning and videography.  The editing was extremely laborious and included a lot of technical problems and we took on malware that destroyed the first edit.  But it was all worth it because we knew it would help the animals.  And, if the documentary helped even one individual or group to plan their animal sanctuary thoroughly and create a sustainable foundation, then we succeeded.  Please check out the documentary on