Kinder Harbors Animal Sanctuary

About Us


Launched in April 2006 as a 501 c (3) non-profit organization pending, Kinder Harbors Animal Sanctuary arrived on the animal protection and welfare scene poised to enter strategic planning and first stage operations.  As a multi-species animal sanctuary in development, KHAS’s sequential stages of growth have been carefully and realistically mapped out.  KHAS’s services and programs have been designed to address the various needs of animals and in so doing, aiding their companion keepers.   Services and programs will be implemented as financial resources and paid and volunteer staff becomes available. 


KHAS recognizes the delicate and inseparable interrelationships that exist between the environment, animal welfare and protection of human health.  KHAS’s services and programs are designed to create healthy, supportive animal environments and simultaneously reinforce and enhance lifestyle situations of companion keepers.  By helping to offset the debilitating effects of current day existence, Kinder Harbors fulfills a significant portion of its mission statement.



Arriving at a place of enchantment seems like a great destination.